Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Other Things New

Time moves on in its new way, and change happens. I love this cartoon about change.
Things New Happen
In other areas, things stay the same. Or do they? The Bible for instance. It was written many moons ago, and is still around today. But go on line and it is amazing what you have at your finger tips. A host of different translations, the apochryphal books, even different collections of the books as in Catholic and Protestant groupings. I believe certain folk are even writing new books to add, but it will need a special meeting of the top brass to approve those! We are always looking and hoping for new and improved versions of everything, including this New Year. Hope springs eternal! Maybe it will be the best year ever after all! We shall see....In the meantime, we hope your English weather improves, and that you personally missed all those falling trees and flying bricks and roof-tiles in the recent storm.....


Filip Demuinck said...

and the funny thing is that the cartoon is true for the majority of the men and the tv's.


Pat MacKenzie said...

I love the cartoon - it's so true to life.

Weather is 'off' all over the world this year. We still don't have snow in Edmonton and it's well above zero - unheard of at this time of year. Penticton has had more snow than us this winter!

Eunice said...

Haha! that's so true! Love this post! ^^
Anyway, we shouldn't stop reading our daily bread - Bible.

ellenparis said...

How fitting that the bulging of the male was made in the comparison. Females always have the pressure of staying forever young. Loved the cartoon.