Monday, January 30, 2012


Some colour  amidst the winter snow

Okanagan Lake from Summerland

More Blue Sky
I was interested in reading about the successful American novelist Jonathan Franzen ( his father was Swedish, mother American) who has some controversial ideas. He came to my attention as a speaker at the Hay Festival in Cartagena just ended yesterday. One of his ten rules for writing a novel is to never use the word "then" as a conjunction; use "and" instead. Another rule is to write without an internet connection. He uses head phones to block out extraneous sounds whilst writing. He also believes that serious novel reading is only possible using a printed book. However his own books are available on e-readers. I suppose most novelists are somewhat eccentric. Some still write with a fountain pen, standing up....He was upset when one of his novels was picked by Oprah for her book-club choice, because he thought her book choices were just for women readers. Well, Jonathan writes about controversial subjects in his novels, so no wonder this spreads to his own life. I prefer that he is just eccentric, so I won't get upset by his controversial ways.....


Desiree said...

What a super picture you've used of Hanne wearing her snow white hat and the giant boulder behind her wearing its snow white hat :) Very cleverly composed. Another lovely selection of artwork and photos to entertain along with the introduction to Jonathan Franzen, of whom I'd not yet heard. I must admit to agreeing with his position on reading printed books. I really cannot get my head around e-books, yet. Trust you are both happy and well.

Filip Demuinck said...

The second last picture is great. Are these paintings you made?


Michael and Hanne said...

The first two are paintings, Filip.
Thanks for your visits.
Thanks Des: I didn't compose the hat on the rock! It just happened as a coincidence!

H said...

Both of your paintings are very impressive! The line of hanging mist on painting one is exquisite!

Did you really not intend for Hanne's hat to echo the rock behind? That is quite some happy chance; the shapes are so closely aligned! I was convinced that it was a deliberate composition!

Michael and Hanne said...

The exquisite line of mist as you call it H is merely a quick stroke with the airbrush!! Thanks for your visit. Yes it was a happy chance too!