Sunday, December 18, 2011


Recent headlines: "the Doom Boom".... "Oil rig lost in the Russian Arctic, 53 missing"....
Window decoration at the winery

Kraze Legz Winery View towards Penticton.

Ice on Bulrush Stems, Skaha Lake

A Sunny Interval, Skaha Lake
"Leaking diesel from a beached cargo ship is threatening France's Atlantic coast"... "Oil pipeline leaks".... "Smog halts airlines and traffic in Bejing". The list goes on and on. Time for an electric makeover, time to save up for that wind turbine, solar panel, electric car. Time too for hope in the future in the form of newborn babes. Today's photos are from yesterday's outing to Kaleden....

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Filip Demuinck said...

Love the skating snowmen. We are almost going back to the cold weather.