Thursday, December 8, 2011


Gerhardt Richter's painting of the perfect candle in 1982 led to the subject for this post. Incidentally, Paul Moody and Robin Turner's recently completed book called "The Search for the Perfect Pub" would solve the problem of what to give Alan for Christmas this year: this is addressed to those searching for such a gift.
More Christmas Cards

Christmas Shops in Armstrong

The old Railway Station

House in the Trees
Candles started in China apparently around 200BC. They were used as clocks at one point. The chimes occurred when a metal ball fell out of the candle into a sort of bell dish. Nowadays some people still use them for a calendar in Advent. We realize that about 6% of house fires are started by candles, so this year we bought some new ones, still made out of wax and having real wick, but lit by a flickering electric light inside. They also emit a pleasant very mild vanilla perfume. So with today's weather in the Lake District in UK, we are recommending you cosy up with a few candles and stay indoors! No rock climbing today!


Claudia Moser said...

My God how beautiful the snow looks like!

Desiree said...

Now those are real Christmas scenes. So very beautiful! I like the sound of your new fangled, safe candles.