Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It is tempting these days to worship the new technology and think " that is all we need."
for instance, iPads are replacing textbooks. But how about the present resurgence of museums? Surely it is more realistic to sleep under a real mammoth than just view a 3D animation of one using modern graphics ? These days too it is also difficult to see certain news items as reality when viewing the written word. Try this one: "The Soyez capsule has landed safely in Kazakhstan with its three astronauts inside." Really?
Try understanding too the video art of Hilary Lloyd.
Are photos depictions of reality? Maybe. But they can also not be, merely another work of art out of someone's creative thinking. But that is someone else's reality.
American Wigeon

Great Grey Heron

Horse with Horse Shelters

Sage bush by the lake
What is reality anyway? Maybe everyone's reality is different because of how their brain developed. We know people select different bits of the world around them to engage with, some hear, some see, some feel. Some just text, then get run over by a truck. The photos today are from our walks by the river and lake. We are getting warm South Pacific air over us so it is rainy and windy, the snow is melted on the ground and the temperature is going up to plus nine Celsius today.
But in conclusion, maybe all of these things mentioned today are part of reality. Then again, Albert Einstein said: " Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one"  Really?.....


Filip Demuinck said...

The first duck has special colours. Good shot.


Desiree said...

My brain is far too tired to try to comprehend this tonight...I tried...then sat back to immerse myself in the beauty of each of your pictures. I hope they were real?

Angela Häring-Christen said...

Jeder hat seine eigene Wahnehmung. Jeder interpretiert das gleiche Bild anders, je nach Kontext.
Jeder hat seine eigene Realität. Das ist interessant, wenn man tolerant ist (Diskussionen, Lernen) und gefährlich wen man fanatisch ist (Religions-Kriege).

Realität/Reality: Your Great Grey Heron does'nt have a head! Or illusion?
Have a nice day ;-)

Michael and Hanne said...

His head is looking the other way Angela! Thanks for your comment!

Michael and Hanne said...

Des thank you! Reality is in the eyes of the beholder! Some think my photos aren't real because they are manipulated on CS3!