Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Walk by Skaha Lake
The Apple Eaters, OK Falls.

Johann, Vera, Mops, and Hanne
No need to stick your tongue out!
No, we aren't. Just out for a walk with our friends Vera and Johann. We prefer the old Greek way of Democracy. If you want to change things, go and get elected. However these days evidently protests work for some things and in some places, not others.  We shall see.....The world protests, the old guard move out. Maybe the protesters will learn from the Greeks after all and form their own political party?


Filip Demuinck said...

I would also prefer the lake, I don't like to protest.


Alan Burnett said...

There is something very peaceful about that lake - a visual contrast to the theme of protest. But what if they discovered a rich source of oil right in the middle of it?

Barbara said...

Germany just discovered a 1.8 ton bomb in the river Rhine and evacuated more than 40,000 people, including seniors and hospital patients. Now That is a discovery of potential horrendous disaster; sudden and unexpected. Discovering natural resources and abusing them creates disasters more slowly and perhaps that is why we are so complacent. It takes youth to energize a community into action; think Kent University and recently of Libya.

Michael and Hanne said...

At Pigeon Lake Alberta where we have our cabin, a pipe is drilled at 45 degrees from the shore behind trees, going under the Lake to access oil/natural gas. The lake is still beautiful!