Monday, November 28, 2011

First of Advent

Michael at Vaseux Lake (Photo by Hanne) All photos taken yesterday...

Blackberry Leaves

Willow Leaves

Clay Cliffs opposite Vaseux Lake
The first candle was lit today, signifying hope for the World. It was cold (7 degrees Celsius) here with lots of heavy wind. We went for a walk in the woods at Vaseux Lake to keep out of it. Up to 150Km/hr in Calgary, blowing windows out of sky-scrapers, bricks out of walls, trees onto cars, halting rail transit, and closing roads. All the strength wind has comes from the sun apparently. More signs of climate change. Now we hear that UK is supporting Alberta's Tar Sands. Did you know only 3% of the tar has been mined so far? The good news for today: BC Lions won the Grey Cup over Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Yeah!


Filip Demuinck said...

Michael looks a bit like me on my trip, I also wear my cameras around my neck like that. Love the shot of the leaves.


Pat MacKenzie said...

I heard the winds in Southern Alberta were particularly violent these past few days. Fires in the river valley caused evacuation of many people living near the coolees. The weather seems to be completely unpredictable these days. Enjoyed your pictures. My daughter and her family often hike around Vaseux Lake.

Anna at the Doll House said...

Great pictures of you both.
The storm is still raging here in Norway wrecking havoc and flood and the temperature is high for the time of year: 8 degrees today compared with minus 8 C. last November.


Alan Burnett said...

You caused me to go off and read a couple of articles on Alberta's tar sand - which I must confess I was completely ignorant about. What is the view of Canadians about it?