Friday, November 25, 2011


The UN Climate Change Conference starts in three days in Durban South Africa, and interestingly they still have 25 highly decorated and colorful rickshaw-pullers left from the old Zulu days. I hope some of the delegates will make use of them to keep the air fresh and free from pollution!
An interesting development on my iPad today to report. I was reading about a conductor of the New York Symphony who uses his iPad in place of paper music scores. Like Mozart, he conducts from the harpsichord, but places his iPad on the music stand. To turn a page one touches the screen. So today I downloaded the Muse Score Viewer App and a copy of Bach's Prelude No.1 and away I went! It works very well! No more corners to bend down on the paper pages! No lights needed to be carefully positioned over the music!
The other bit of news I found interesting was that the water level in the Rhine river is so low, (down up to two metres ) that unexploded second world war bombs are coming into view and have to be dealt with! Also barge traffic is no longer economical as their loads have to be cut from 4000 tons to 1000 tons!
The Rose Garden, late November

Michael surveying Okanagan Lake (photo by Hanne)

Ice on the Lake (Do you HAVE to follow me around EVERYWHERE?)

One-Legged Great Grey Heron WITH head ( and a fish in his beak?) Okanagan River.
We hope you have a happy Black Friday! Cheers from Penticton.


Filip Demuinck said...

The second pictures of the lake is phenomenal.


Friko said...

We actually went shopping, but grocery shopping, not Christmas shopping.
There's no such thing as Black Friday in the UK.

These are wonderful photos.
I hadn't heard about the Rhine, must watch more German news on the TV.