Monday, November 14, 2011


Variety in colors

Oak leaves turning Red

Three Trees and a school

The House Next Door

The Tree Next Door has lost all its leaves
Every so often I hear some of our blogging community complaining about not having something to blog about, when the possible subjects are infinite in number. Just today I read three blogs, one was glorifying the noble quince, another was praising wasting time (something impossible for the unemployed ), and the last was edifying porridge. Google as you may know has already addressed this problem, fortunately maybe I haven't experienced it yet. Today's blog includes photos from yesterday's walk around our home, in gorgeous weather. I hear some heat records are being broken in UK yet again. Here it seems it is just normally progressing towards winter. We are being encouraged in the media to realize this and be aware that ice is about. We found icy sidewalks yesterday on our downtown peregrinations, and watched huge flocks of migrating birds on the lake. At one point some wild swans flew in and swam majestically towards the resident mallards, geese, and sea gulls, greeted them, then swam off to check out the marina....


Desiree said...

Your pictures are magnificent!!! And I love the thoughts you've shared in today's post. How thrilling it must have been to see those wild swans! Believe it or not, WE had snow on our high lying mountains, yesterday! I'm sitting here, dressed in wintry gear at the beginning of our SA summer!

H said...

What a vivid red for your oak tree. As I'm sure you remember, our English oaks don't turn anything like that colour!

We may have had record breaking temperatures here yesterday, but today has been decidedly nippy and the heating has had to turn up a notch :(

Friko said...

Amazingly, you still have leaves and colour. Ours are all off and its grey, grey and more grey.

Alan Burnett said...

Long may you continue to find plenty of things to blog about. Your pictures always have such a recognisable quality : a feeling of space and balance like no others.