Sunday, October 9, 2011


Hanne by the Rose Garden with Virginia Creeper

A Red Rose there

Fire Bushes outside our place

Thanksgiving display at Athens Creek by Bonnie.
This week-end we are celebrating Thanksgiving (Harvest Festival in UK was some two weeks ago). On Monday we will be treated to a turkey dinner and all the trimmings. The regular celebration in Canada is on the second Monday in October since 1957; and in the USA on the fourth Thursday in November since 1941. The very first time in Canada was by Martin Frobisher in Newfoundland in 1578; and in the USA by Spanish settlers in Florida in 1565. The earlier date in Canada is probably to do with its Northern Climate....
 At this time of year we have lots of red leaves, so here are a few examples: fire bush, virginia creeper, and maple trees. Our city has lots of maple trees but they haven't turned red yet. They were certainly turning red on Vancouver Island last week when we were there....
We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


Friko said...

Happy Thanksgiving you two. Enjoy your dinner and nature's colourful abundance.

Filip Demuinck said...

Nice pictures in the garden. It looks like it is getting colder. Here it certainly is.


Claudia Moser said...

Gorgeous roses!

Desiree said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you two, too! And, again, I see Hanne is colour-coded for the season, as well as the photographs. Your turkey dinner has my tummy grumbling! Wish I were able to join you :)

BTW I received notification of a Jacquie Lawson ecard, but I'd opened it on my iPad in bed last night and was informed that Apple does not support the latest Adobe Flash player necessary to view it. Thoughtlessly, I deleted the message and, along with it, your card, thinking I'd access it on my laptop today, instead. Clearly, I'm an airhead as I'm now unable to locate the message here, having already deleted, would you mind resending it, please? I'd love to see it!

Big hug,
Des xoxo

Desiree said...

I've just returned from retracing your steps these past few weeks...I left my calling card. You've certainly seen, been to and done some amazing places/things. It's been a real treat to be able to enjoy it all secondhand...thank you for sharing!

H said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you both :)

Michael, I'm afraid I misled you slightly when I said that out harvest festival was 2 weeks ago. I actually meant our own church harvest festival. Our school one was also at about the same time, but I happen to know that Sacristan's church only held theirs yesterday and I'm sure they weren't alone in choosing that Sunday. Over here, there is no set date. We just aren't THAT organised :)