Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Skaha Fall Day

Our high pressure zone is about to be pushed away by rains from the West (Japan is always blamed for our bad weather), so here are a few of our photos from under the dome. Of course it never really rains here, it merely sprinkles. We are all now decorated for Halloween here at Athens Creek. Then in November we will have to put the Christmas Tree up. In the USA I believe they have their trees up the day after Thanksgiving (25th Nov) and rush out on that day for the Christmas Shopping Sales. I remember in England my parents went shopping on Christmas Eve...
In Canada, this is a big day. Shipping contracts for new naval and coastguard ships are to be awarded, giving work for the next 30 years. Will it be BC, Quebec, or Nova Scotia?
What a farce of a soccer game yesterday ( Man United: 2;  A Romanian team (Galati): 0) Two stupid red cards, two silly penalties, and six or so yellow cards. Some soccer players never grow up.
Talking about keeping to the rules, did you ever hear of the two-second rule in driving? In Ohio it is the three-second rule. In slippery conditions it is the four-second rule. If only drivers would use it, there would be fewer accidents by far. You can google it....
Enjoying the afternoon sun

And the view over Skaha Lake

Calm and Serene

Mcintyre Bluffs and Vaseux Lake. You can see the memorial on the right for a poor lady who failed to make it round this corner and ended up in the lake drowned a couple of weeks ago.

Virginia Creeper. This commonly invades trees along Okanagan River.
As they say in Canada, "Have a Nice Day".....Did you try clicking on a photo? Try it!
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Claudia Moser said...

So now you saw my Romanian co-nationals playing football!

Michael and Hanne said...

Yes I had a great visit to Bucharest!

Alan Burnett said...

We have a two-chevron rule over here now on motorways but I have never been able to figure it out. Often our similar weather patterns makes the world feel small but when I read that your weather comes in from Japan, it suddenly expands again.