Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Post-Fantasy Week-End

Michael at the foot of the stairs to ?Heaven

Hanne under the Tree of ?Temptation

Coffee by the Pool under God's Mountain

Breakfast Table at God's Mountain Retreat
We have survived the anniversary week-end at God's Mountain Retreat and now have our feet firmly back on terra firma. We heard that Moses up on the Mountain was a bit unhappy about all these new tablets that are circulating, but he allowed ours to work there ( the iPad tablet of course) so it was a mixed experience, i.e. no TV or Radio, but still wireless connections to the outside world. The resort where we stayed was halfway between Heaven and Earth. Old and new mixed too. The rooms were full of antiques of all kinds, furniture, paintings, ornaments, collectables, even lead soldiers from the first world war. Yet the kitchen and bedrooms had modern electric accoutrements, frig, stove, and heat. There were wonderful fresh flowers in every room.
Thank you everyone for all your good wishes for our 18th Anniversary. You are all so kind. A special thank-you to Sarah for making our week-end so unique. We shall treasure the memories for years to come!


Claudia Moser said...

It sounds like you had fun :)

Filip Demuinck said...

Funny comments with the pictures. I did exactly the same thing last month but than at the real places. Mount of Jesus, birth place, Mount of Olives... I wrote a series of 13 articles about it.


Desiree said...

Aw! I missed out on wishing you a Happy 18th Anniversary :( Life got away with me, I'm afraid and I'd fallen behind quite significantly with blogging...again! So glad your weekend was all you'd hoped and imagined. The setting looked beautiful and your pictures are wonderful! Loved the amusing inserts about Tablets and so forth and I'm so pleased to see you were allowed a dress rehearsal on the Stairs to Heaven! I must say you looked quite dapper standing there! I wish you both many more happy, healthy years together!

Desiree said...

OK, I've now caught up on the posts I missed...and left comments :) In return, I desire more details about your weekend away. Who is Sarah, who you thank so sweetly for her part in making everything so memorable? What did she do? Come on, spill the beans!

Michael and Hanne said...

Des I'm sure you've already looked at 15th October blog for Sarah's Place. She owns and runs God's Mountain Retreat and cooked our breakfast. There is a photo of her and Hanne on Picasa 1-15 Oct Album (or the one before)