Friday, October 28, 2011

Good Landscapes

We were out for a walk at the so-called magic hour for photos, or maybe a bit later than that. The sun was almost setting but the sky was blue. These are perhaps some of the last blue sky photos for a while. And we thought we were good. You should see these six prize-winners from Hereford!
Well, a few more landmarks have been reached and passed. The seven billionth human has been born. Maybe a cure for AIDS has been found. Still we drive too fast and people get hurt. There was a bizarre collision in Kelowna yesterday where three cars bumped and three drivers were taken to hospital. Maybe it's time to make cars that go automatically under the speed limit? I love the new traffic lights that if you go through a red light it makes the next traffic light turn red just before you get there! Gotcha!
Lakeshore Colors

Children at play on the Rocks, Okanagan Lake Penticton BC

Yellow Berries, Yellow Leaves


Claudia Moser said...

The last picture is simply gorgeous!

Filip Demuinck said...

Is this a piece of art with the children?


Michael and Hanne said...

Yes, Filip. It is a bronzw entitled " The Romp" by Chong Fahcheong. It was reinstalled after 15 months repair following vandalism, on May 11th 2011. You can read more in the Penticton Western News of that date....

H said...

The colours are beautiful!

I love the statues. The children look so carefree.

7 billion - I think you may find this interesting