Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Colors

We continue to be amazed by the Fall colors, even though it happens every year the same. We walked by the river in Okanagan Falls and watched the many Sockeye salmon in their brilliant dark pink coats, swimming in the current, resting for a while until the time is right for them to go further upstream towards the gravel beds where the annual spawn takes place. Also by the river are the Sumac trees dressed in their red leaves.
Okanagan River now full of Salmon

Hanne and the Maple Leaf

Sumac Trees

Fall Colors in the Woods, OK Falls.
Oh by the way, in Alfreton yesterday Thornton's unveiled a six tonne milk-chocolate bar to celebrate their anniversary, thereby breaking the world record! Who needs chocolate? The people in Derbyshire obviously....


H said...

It's huge - 4m x 4m! Assuming it's up to Thornton's usual standard, it'll also taste delicious.

Your colours are beautiful. I'm hoping to get out and photograph some around here at the weekend.

Desiree said...

I love chocolate but that would prove daunting for me! These fall photographs are incredibly beautiful! You have such marked variations between seasons. Here, it's a lot more muted.