Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Activities in the Okanagan


Sitting Down (Park Bench or Bicycle Saddle ?)

Getting Married?


Painting? or is it Ballroom Dancing Filip?
There are many more activities going on, of course. We saw a group of teenagers lying on the grass playing cards. People going to wine festivals, some by bicycle. We didn't see anyone swimming. It was about eight degrees Celsius yesterday. Mostly however these days it seems to be protesting with placards and megaphones. And then of course the most popular activity-: driving.
I read an interesting article about driving. Here in Canada one gets a driving test at 16, then no further test until 80. The worst drivers are between 16 and 30, when one would think they would be the best. An instructor took his students to an intersection. They had to wait until 43 cars had passed before one stopped at the stop sign. If I drive according to the rules of the road; and if I were a traffic cop in an unmarked car, I would be passed by over 90% of drivers speeding; and I would be writing speeding tickets all day long. The answer is to spend less on building roads, and more on traffic rule enforcement, and more lives would be saved and fewer injuries sustained. It has been proven already with better enforcement in the area of drunk driving.....there! I feel better with that off my chest!


Pat MacKenzie said...

Beautiful, interesting, and some strange, photos today. It's always a treat to see what you're going to post. I agree with the safe driving, or lack thereof, on our roads. You never know what the other guy is going to do.

Desiree said...

You're so absolutely right regarding more stringent enforcement of traffic rules. That's exactly what we desperately need in SA, too! They want to reduce our maximum speed limit from 120kms per hour to 100 and to make it illegal to drink at all before driving. While this sounds good, unless it's effectively policed, it means nothing. Bad driving looks as though it's a problem all over the world! I think it's a sign of how inconsiderate and self-absorbed humanity has become.

Filip Demuinck said...

It is certainly a nice painting, but it is not Ballroom dancing yet. It could evolve in that but unfortunately paintings are static.


H said...

In the UK, we do not allow young people to drive on the roads until they are 17, but it is still the young who are the most likely to cause accidents and the price of car insurance for them is astronomical!