Thursday, September 29, 2011


Penticton Lake Side Garden

Seeking Treasure on the Lake Bottom with a Metal Detector, Sand Digger, and Waders.

Two Kayakers are missing since yesterday off Sooke BC. This one looks safe enough...

Canna in Penticton

Vera's Hazel Nuts in her Penticton Garden
Symmetry is a complex subject. Sometimes we like it ( e.g. human faces, bodies have to be symmetrical; rose windows in cathedrals; the Taj Mahal. ) Sometimes it makes us uncomfortable ( e.g. boring repetitive designs; photos with even numbers of objects ) Such feelings can also be cultural: e.g Muslims feel more comfortable with symmetrical designs than others apparently. Test your own feelings with these photos, some of which are symmetrical; others not. Enjoy!


Filip Demuinck said...

One word for the picture with the Canoe. WAUW.


Desiree said...

The first and third being symmetrical? I like both. I have never seen hazelnuts forming. Very interesting pods! I hope the missing kayakers are found, alive and well. Wonder if the treasure hunter had any success?

Alan Burnett said...

A good test. The first picture - the one with the street lights - I did find a little too regular (so balanced it was unbalances) whereas the two flowers in picture 4 were far more pleasing.