Saturday, September 17, 2011

Record Summer

Summer in the Rockies

Summer in Calgary: Sharon Lutheran Church, Danish style.

Nice Hot Strong Cup of Tea Anyone? Restaurant in Red Deer Alberta...
It seems this climate change business goes both ways. In UK this summer was the worst weather-wise for 18 years, whereas here temperature records have been broken on many occasions, it has been so hot. The effects are various. In our area it is apple harvesting time, and believe it or not, many apples have been sunburnt from the 33 degrees Celsius temperatures. Sunburnt apples get a circular area of brown on one side, effectively producing a large bruise, making them unsalable. In UK the butterfly count has gone down because of the bad weather. Hopefully you will get an "Indian Summer" to compensate.


Filip Demuinck said...

In Belgium we received the most rainy summer ever with more than 60 days of rain.


Desiree said...

Despite what seemed to have been a lower than average winter rainfall period for us, the very cold snaps interspersed with warm, summery days in the heart of our winter has ensured a glorious spring. We will be going to see some of the wild flowers in bloom up the west coast on Tuesday.

Claudia Moser said...

Germany had a period of serious draught then many rainy days. Not a real summer. Now autumn proves to be very cold for September! I hope the winter will not be so harsh!