Thursday, September 15, 2011


There is so much news in the world. Bad news: "Four miners trapped in Swansea coal mine." Good news: "70-year old man swims the Channel." Now that's good news! There's real good hope for Alan. He isn't even 60 yet!
How do we find all the proper news we should? Most newspapers are biased one way or another. Politicians seem to be guided by big money as to what they say. At least Al Gore puts his money where his mouth is, even if he's not popular.
Even on the internet and TV news isn't foolproof.
Hope you all took your 24 hour reality check yesterday and today. Then I can remove the banner above.
" 70-year old swims the Channel "  Photo by Gareth Fuller/PA
 Our Pirocantha (Firethorn)
Fall in Enderby on the Shushwap River
Today it is cloudy for the first time for ages. We will have to admit: Summer is nearly over. As with H, our conkers ( Horse-chestnuts ) are ripe and spiky, our fire-bush is turning red, the pirocantha bushes have orange berries, and the first day of Fall (Autumn) looms.


jennyfreckles said...

LOTS of berries everywhere here. I wish we'd had a summer before the autumn though!

Claudia Moser said...

The last picture is breath taking! WOW!

H said...

I gave my pyrocantha bushes their annual haircut last week. The largest one had grown so tall and straggly that the wind was catching the upper branches and threatening to pull the trellis from the wall. I managed to keep most of the berries though. The tallest branchers were bare!