Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Our Two Visitors Arrive in Penticton ( Ospreys )
By Air from Vancouver

Shlomo takes us out to the Hooded Merganser for a coffee

Hanne's Niece Helena

Too busy with our visitors and watching the disastrous situation in UK. Get some more gaols soon and shut them all up for a few years? Or put them all on a rowboat to an Island? Or start improving the job situation? Or get them building new gaols? Or all of the above? At least the stock market went up! All is not lost. Maybe they can play soccer next week-end after all ? At least we can watch it on TV. Ours wasn't burnt up or trashed.....Shlomo:" We thought UK was a civilized society"....


Alan Burnett said...

The ASDA store just down the road from Fixby was attacked last night by a group of looters. It was shut down and guarded all night be riot police. Never thought I would see that.

Pat MacKenzie said...

It's nice that you're able to be in Penticton "far from the maddening crowd". And to share your peaceful space with the rest of us.