Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last Visitors for the Summer

Dock at Twin Lakes

Hanne refreshing in Manitou Park Naramata

Girls Relaxing and Paddling

Three girls in a boat ( preparing lunch for their three guys who went to the pub....)
Our last set of visitors for this summer season have arrived. We are setting off soon to show them our favorite spots around Penticton and beyond. Meanwhile the world continues to unfurl around us. King Arthur has lost his appeal. Our leader of the opposition (Jack Leyton) has passed away at 61 and has been granted a State Funeral. Colonel Gaddafi probably won't get one. Next week-end Penticton holds the "Iron Man" triathlon with about 3000 participants. Life is all go! So, here are a few "Hot" photos to relax by! (They are hot because they're mostly girls)....


Claudia Moser said...

Twin lakes with twin boats :)

Filip Demuinck said...

Very nice pictures, thanks for commenting on my Neuhaus article. I went back to their site and indeed the first owner was Suise, but he started his choolate adventure in Belgium. On their site they refer to the grandson who invented the praline but ok, probably multiple people are claiming to be the first. I don't have a picture of the ballotin because today it is no longer used, now they have square boxes, the original round onces are no longer used.

Kind regards,

Michael and Hanne said...

Many thanks for your visit, and for the explanations.
We were once in a Belgian toy shop when a bus-load of children poured in. The shop-keeper shouted out "don't touch" in three languages!

Alan Burnett said...

Very relaxing. As always I am taken by the beauty of the place where you live - not a bit like what I imagined your part of Canada was like.

Desiree said...

I always enjoy your cryptic views on life and current affairs, while I can see you still enjoy watching the girls :)