Thursday, July 28, 2011

Scooter Picnic

ACL Picnickers

More ACL Picnickers

Proof that Paul can set table!
The powers that be organized a "Scooter Picnic" for Athens Creek residents for lunchtime yesterday. Eight signed up; six showed up; one went to Vancouver instead, and one got lost and returned home for regular lunch. Not bad. For those that showed up, the food was fantastic! Our chef had prepared three or four different sandwiches, upper class English style with no crusts; potted meat and cucumber triangles, egg sandwich circles, and cheese paste squares, plus pickles and cheese cubes. For dessert we had freshly picked local cherries, cherry sauce pastries, and Turkish Delight! We had evidence in the photo that Paul could set table ( we will let his wife know ). Paul our maintenance manager brought the drinks and Jill our secretary brought the food. We went on our bikes...


Pat MacKenzie said...

It looks like a fun time with delicious food. You are very busy people.

jennyfreckles said...

What a wonderful way to enjoy a beautiful sunny day and the shade of those trees.