Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hanne with Clematis

The Evening Rose

Penticton Rose Garden
Congratulations to 24-year-old Novak Djokovic for winning at Wimbledon! We enjoyed watching his brilliance on the magic of trans-oceanic TV. In the very early pre-satellite days they used to fly a tape across the Atlantic in an Air Force jet so we could watch in Canada!
If you didn't know, the singles winners received one million pounds in prize money, the runners up, half a million. No wonder Novak could afford to throw all his tennis racquets into the crowd after he won!....
More photos from the Rose Garden in celebration!


Desiree said...

What a perfect way to spend a Sunday, smelling the roses! That clematis Hanne is admiring is huge and such a beautiful shade of violet.

Claudia Moser said...

It was a good game indeed, I like his style! And the pictures are as always gorgeous!

jennyfreckles said...

What a perfect rose, the one in the middle (the Hanne one at the top is pretty too!) I enjoyed what I saw of the tennis, when I got back from supporting our church choir concert in the park. Both those young men are fantastic sportsmen and very nice guys.

Friko said...

Wonderful pictures in this and the last few posts.
Excellent photography.

Congratulations to Novak, although I am a bit sad that the new boy has walked of with the prize. I am still pining for Roger.