Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Part of an Original Mural outside Penticton Art Gallery

As bloggers we must be a breed of collectors. There is an interesting list of collectibles here at Wikipedia. It is amazing the different things people collect: milk bottle labels from Sussex, or pink glass. We collect blogs. Then there's phillumeny and deltiology. But my point today is that too often we just accumulate stuff. Perhaps as Robert Genn says:- " to die with a lot of "Toys" is perhaps the new alternate form of immortality." Folks seem to collect boats, cars, houses, campers, furniture, even rooms, as they go for bigger and bigger houses. Lets hope that more people will collect photos, art, books, blogs, and become followers, and then we bloggers will be happier! or even immortal?


Alan Burnett said...

Fabulous images. The problem with collecting blogs is that sometimes the very number of them in your collection gets in the way of you following your favourites. Penticton Commentary is back on my updated Favourites List.

Claudia Moser said...

Good question!