Saturday, June 11, 2011


Last evening as we were going to bed it started pouring with rain followed by some impressive thunderclaps. We had left everything out so today is a waiting game- waiting for everything to dry out! The two hammocks, the tablecloth, the cushions....
We had a busy clean-up day burning old dead branches; all day long the fire was going.
This week end Hanne's daughter Karin is in a triathlon at Kimberley BC. The whole family is starting into triathlons and go all over the country competing, sometimes raising money for charity. Jenessa is nearly 17 and doing very well as a long distance athlete, competing well against all age groups.( see photo on previous post )
The rest of Canada is glued to the TV as the Stanley cup final is on.Ice Hockey is the sport. Vancouver is winning 3-2 in games in a best of seven tournament.


cherie said...

It sounds as if you had a very busy day. Sleep well and that is great news about Karin. Congratulations to all of your family!

P.S. I responded to your question this morning on my blog

H said...

Even at my age, I still find thunderstorms exciting! Good luck to Karin. I hope it all goes/went well.