Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Road just Travelled.

Alberta Road around Pigeon Lake. Fields and fields full of dandelions abound...
Delegates to Danish Seminar in Drumheller (Minus Michael taking the Photo) N.B. Red and White are the colors of at least four flags: English, Danish,Canadian,and Austrian; and others?

David and Don

Some Hoodoos a few miles from Drumheller.
Just a small sprinkle of memories from our trip. The road picture is typical of the ones we drove, wide and empty of traffic. The group photo is of our Drumheller Seminar folk from all over Canada, from New Brunswick to Vancouver Island. The next one is of David Thomas and our teacher Don Mowatt playing a Danish duet for our entertainment. The last one is of some hoodoos near Drumheller.


Desiree said...

Thoroughly enjoyed seeing these, M & H. The group shot (minus M) is lovely, with H seated almost slap bang centre front ;) And I think the picture of the two duetting musicians is marvellous...you've captured both their intense concentration and pleasure, perfectly. Don has a handsome face ;) The clouds in the first picture are incredible and such beautiful fields & forests! I've never seen Hoodoos before...aren't they incredible! I'd guess they are sandstone/limestone structures? The bands of strata are so much narrower in the base than in the neck and those jaunty 'hats' are so snazzy! Nature is truly phenomenal! I will now need to read up on these formations, unless you care to enlighten us in your next post?

jennyfreckles said...

Those hoodoos (wonderful name for them) almost look to have personalities, each one so individual.