Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pigeon Lake

We have completed our Danish Seminar,said all our goodbyes to friends old and new,and have now arrived at our cabin at Pigeon Lake, about 300 Km away. En route we had lunch at a deli sandwich shop, run by a couple of young people. A young teenager was eating his lunch there, and he wanted a second apple pie, so as the lady was preparing food with gloves on, and her husband was out back, she couldn't come to the till,so the teenager was allowed to serve himself and put his own money in the till! Such is small town living! The other strange thing was that they were a small operation and didn't have a WC so I received detailed instructions on how to slip into the Chinese restaurant across and use their WC!
A serendipitous visit to Buffalo Lake near Stettler gave us chance to watch a whole flock of White Pelicans feeding by the beach.They nest on an Island in the middle of the lake, which we saw in the distance as a snowy white disc.
As a tribute to our seminar teacher Don Mowatt, here are the three things he would possibly encourage us all to do before we die.
1. Love God and your neighbor
2. Involve yourself with Music, the international language
3. Listen to all Don Mowatt's CBC Radio documentaries!
Don worked for Canadian Broadcasting until 1997, producing many radio programs, and he is a talented actor,singer,director,producer,violinist,and presenter.He has interviewed many famous people including The Aga Khan and Sir John Gielgud.
He divides creative writing into three types.
1. Truth.
2. Fact.
3. Story.
Some writers mix all three.
As humans I think we tend to also mix all three as we interpret our everyday world. The planet may well be coming to an end in short order, but we don't react as if it were true or a fact, just a story....Other folks' worlds are daily coming to an end, but not ours...

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