Friday, June 24, 2011

Keeping it Cool

Today I decided to try writing backwards.
It seems we can all so easily get in a rut, doing the same things in the same way every day
Summer is finally here, so it is time to try and keep cool.
These llamas do it by digging a hole to sit in. The dipper does it by hunting in a cool stream for food.
The girl is cool playing Sudoku and checking out a map of the Fraser Canyon in the woods
Then I started thinking about billions.
Nowadays a billion is a thousand million. Somewhere in the world there is a lady walking about carrying the world's seven billionth citizen in her tummy, to be born in the autumn.
If you put all those people on the Equator they would fit once around,175 deep, or about half a kilometer deep. That would not be cool as the temperature there hovers around 30 degrees Celsius...
Each year about 50 million are injured in traffic collisions; and interestingly about the same number (three and a half thousand) are killed per day in the world as per year in the UK
Car collisions cost the world over $5 billion a year
. The UN has decided to do something about reducing all this
On a different note, a lady called Huguette Clark just died in Mahattan leaving a half a billion dollars, mostly to Art galleries. She was 104. Her father was 67 when she was born in Paris, her mother 28.
Llamas keeping Cool

A Dipper looking for his next meal

Girl Keeping Cool in the Woods
PS this is not poetry, just looks like it! Tomorrow I will write rite? wright? the right way don't worry....


Desiree said...

You're having fun entertaining yourself, aren't you ;)

I've just been visiting your June galleries in Picassa. Some absolutely magnificent pictures especially taken in the Linden Gardens. I'd never want to leave that glorious place! You are so lucky to be able to visit often.

Sarah Knight said...

Fun post : )

Claudia Moser said...

Mrs Clark story is worth reading, thank you for sharing it!

Friko said...

have I posted a comment or have I not posted a comment?

This is what I said (roughly):

Having fun?

How do you keep cool? I like the llamas' idea but I'd also need a shady tee overhead. I hate heat.

How can anyone be as rich as that when there are millions who go hungry?

Here's a bit added: I have just noticed that you have me in your blogroll. Unless that is a temporary arrangement, would you also add yourself to my Followership, please?

I shall join your band of faithful readers. One or both of you understand German, is that right?

Friko said...

Joining up will have to wait, blogger has removed the Followers again.

"blitsht" to you too, (word verification)

H said...

That was different. At first, I had to wonder if you were totally bored and trying to find some way of entertaining yourself, but actually, you had a lot of interesting information in there :)

Lavi said...

This was very interesting and a bit unusual. If you stop to think about it, the world is a lot bigger than it may seem. I really enjoyed your post.