Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rocky Shore with Roses

Still cloudy here with bits of rain but the moist air makes all the lush growth smell so nice. The birds are quieter when it's not so sunny however, but the yellow warblers and orioles are still singing clearly. We are still intermittently connected to the Internet here, so that's good; people who live here seem to need a little square plate on a pole on top of their houses to stay connected. Hope you guys out there are having better luck commenting on your favorite blogs, and that somebody told Blogger about the problem. Even with cable connection it doesn't always stay on line, so nothing is perfect in this world after all! Surprise, surprise!
On the traffic scene, there has been a number of fatal collisions on our roads lately, even on the roads we ourselves travel indeed! The dead never get the chance to learn from experience, and the living never pay enough attention to other's experience, so no change occurs. The most curious accidents are those involving large animals. A black bear recently was hit by one vehicle, soared through the air, hit a second vehicle,entering the windshield and leaving by the rear window, killing the lady driver instantly on the way through! This phenomenon has also occurred with deer,etc....

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jennyfreckles said...

What an awful way to die. Stay safe! I'd rather dwell on your pretty picture than that story.