Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Blossoms

Just when we thought blossom time was over, yet more blossoms keep appearing!
Choke Cherry Flowers
Dogwood Flowers

Acacia leaves
Horse Chestnut Flowers

We were walking by the river today, which is in full Spring flood, and saw these, the Dogwood and the Choke Cherry; then in the Park, just had to photograph the Horse Chestnut and this yellow leaved tree, which I call Honey Locust Acacia, but not sure of the name. Just about all the trees are now in full leaf, and the grass is summer-long. Our Oregon Grape is turning its yellow flowers into berries, so is no longer yellow.
Whilst by the river, we saw a pair of Orioles chasing each other, a goldfinch feeding, and heard a catbird singing; and met some tourists from Spain fully kitted out with bird-watching equipment, on their way to seeing all the birds in the whole of British Columbia. Hanne was able to speak to them in Spanish.....back at home, our rose bush is covered in new pink blooms.


jennyfreckles said...

Those horse-chestnuts blooms are so pretty - but they make me sneeze!

Michael and Hanne said...

I'll take them off then...

Alan Burnett said...

Good to see the blossom is still coming out over there. We are in the midst of a cold windy spell after the early fine weather, so all the vlossom seems to have vanished.