Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Linden Gardens

"Our Cherry Tree" Linden Gardens, Kaleden.

Red Blossom and Hyacinths

A Delicious Pink Blossom
Back to Linden Gardens again to see and photograph the Spring flowers, wander around to see "Our Cherry Tree", the one that has red cherries on one side and black ones on the other. It seems to be doing well, we just have to hope the bees come and pollinate it. We call it "Ours" because we seemed last year to be the only ones eating the cherries! The whole garden area was a cherry orchard some years ago, and taking the idea of converting it to a garden from Minter Gardens, and Butchart Gardens, the owners took the plunge some years ago and removed all the cherry trees . There is a cherry orchard however still going next door. (Unfortunately I can't give you a link to Linden Gardens at the moment; maybe their website is under reconstruction.) More photos from yesterday can be seen here. We enjoy Linden Gardens as a substitute for our own garden which we don't have any more as we live in a Lodge....


cherie said...

Beautiful pictures! Hope "your Cherry Tree" prospers and gives you plenty of its' delicious fruit.

Desiree said...

Beautiful spring blossoms and blooms! How nice you're able to enjoy the gardens as often as you wish and pick and eat fresh cherries to your heart's content;)

Alan Burnett said...

I quite like the idea of having a substitute garden : all the pleasure with none of the work appeals to me. Beautiful blossom.

Angela Häring-Christen said...

Das sieht romantisch aus.
Hoffentlich gibt es wieder Kirschen zum Essen an "eurem Baum".
Liebe Grüsse

jennyfreckles said...

I adore blossom trees - a flowering orchard is my idea of heaven.