Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paris took us Biking


The Remains of the Bridge at Trail's End

Hanne phoning for Lunch under the Big Willow
Driving in Canada on the left!

Yesterday we made 14Km of rough bike-riding and today we are aching a bit. Our friend Paris took us in his magnificent Volvo with its four-bike transporter behind. Paris is indeed Greek and is indeed married to his Helen of Troy ( almost- she is Danish and called Ellen, a corruption of Helen). Ellen could not join us as she was away on family business in Calgary. We finally made it to the end of our trail: the old bridge over the river had long ago disintegrated, and there was no ferry, so we had to return the same way, but halfway we discovered a stile and a track back to the river so returned a different way, over a swamp, balancing our bikes on wobbly wooden boards, then past this magnificent willow in full flower. Hanne had to make a phone call here to order lunch to be saved as we were hopelessly late. Then it became later still as they were paving our road and caused a fifteen minute delay, after which we followed a pilot car and drove on the left side of the road, which was fun.


jennyfreckles said...

It all sounds quite an adventure! Hope you got lunch in the end.

H said...

You mean that you don't normally drive on the left..? :p

Your ride sounds like great fun. Sacristan and I went walking up near Langsett (9.5 miles). It was a lovely moorland walk, but very stony underfoot and very grey overhead, with a wicked wind as we reached the exposed tops. Good job we had taken many layers!

Desiree said...

We drive on the left here as you know :) I'd find it so confusing driving on the right!

Your photographs are superb as always...the scenery is gorgeous in Spring.

After all that riding, you'll probably be nursing your sore behinds for a while!

cherie said...

Love the picture of the bridge remains at Trails End. Have a good evening!