Friday, April 1, 2011

The Human Footprint

Happy April Fool's Day! and Happy Mothering Sunday everyone!
Coffee Cups


Old Exercise Machine
Today's photos feature the human footprint. We like trailing (NZ) in the Nature(Danish) but prefer surroundings undisturbed by the human footprint. Yesterday was the warmest day of the year so far (18 degrees Celsius) when rolled-up sleeves were required on our walk. It was interesting to see old coffee cups in mid-recycling, an old exercise machine minus saddle, and how close-by dwellings had produced a duckweed-type growth on a pond. It reminded me of a daily walk long ago past a cow carcass. It gradually was recycled that summer in about three weeks. All that was left was a half pelvic bone and a piece of skull. The rest had been eaten up by something. Not like coffee cups or exercise machines or ( as in Alan's example ) an old scooter. No-one wants to eat those. We also came across a plastic bag of discarded music CDs. The plastic bag had almost entirely disintegrated, showing that at least some human-made thing had recycled....
The CDs were in perfect shape!


Desiree said...

How incredible! Who on earth would cart an old exercise bike out into the countryside and dump it there? The mind boggles!

I'm so glad you included that perfect reflections scene, even if there were clumps of algae on the surface.

Pop over to Cherie's blog - she lives in Arizona and has a picture of an old motor boat that was dumped in 'the desert' :)

I hope no one catches you out this April Fool's Day! I've survived and will be heading off to be very shortly :)


Des xo

cherie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog today:0) Unfortunately people don't seem to mind dumping their old stuff in remote areas. I guess they don't think of how it hurts the beauty of the wilderness. How sad.
Great photos and I look forward to visiting your blog often.