Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hardy Falls Walk. Peachland B.C.

Hanne in the Sunshine by Deep Creek
Hardy Falls

Deep Creek Walk to Hardy Falls

Well, we hope you backed "Ballabriggs" who came in the winner at 14-1 a few minutes ago! It is one of Britain's most important annual horse races involving a grueling race over hedges and water jumps, held at Aintree England. Meanwhile. back at the ranch as they say, we went for a walk on pleasant trails criss-crossing Deep Creek on wooden bridges. The actual water-fall wasn't too impressive, but what was remarkable was that a large portion of the cliffs by the falls had collapsed in 2009. Now access to the base of the falls is not permitted, penalty $10,000!  (The rocks are still unstable). You can see some of these rocks in the photo. It was a sunny day with deep shadows from the red-barked Alder trees. A few red-breasted nuthatches were trumpeting, mallards were digging in the creek, and a solitary kingfisher made his presence known. No humans were seen....the temperature varied yesterday from 0 to 14 degrees Celsius....


Desiree said...

Ah! So THAT was the race you were referring to in yesterday's post :) I'm not familiar with the horsey fraternity in the UK...perhaps it was televised here, but I missed any mention of it. It sounds like a very interesting/thrilling/exciting race...did YOU back the winner?

Your walk looked lovely...can't wait to see it all greened up ;) I wondered why the granite (?) boulders looked so jagged! Land-slide! (or would that be cliff-slide?)

H said...

0 - 14 degrees is quite an impressive temperature variation!

I didn't watch the Grand National and only learned the winner a few moments ago on your post! Since Thursday evening (after work) I have been away from home, returning Mark to university. With the sun shining and the car windows open, it was far too noisy to be listening to radio 4.

Angela Häring-Christen said...

Danke für die Information. Bei Pferderennen kenne ich mich nicht so aus.
Die Fotos sind schön. Das sieht aus wie bei uns im Jura mit diesem Kalkfelsen und dem Wasserfall.
Ich wünsche euch einen gemütlichen Sonntag
Liebe Grüsse

Desiree said...

We saw a brief snippet from the race on TV this sad that a couple of the horses had to be put down after suffering injury!

Michael and Hanne said...

To Angela:- These are clay cliffs, we don't have chalk cliffs in the Okanagan. Thanks for visiting our blog! LG Wir wunsche dich einen gemutlichen Sonntag!