Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Visitors Gone

Deb and Brian at the Hooded Merganser with Hanne

Walking on the KVR Trail at Arawana

On Munson Mountain Penticton
After a welcome re-union our over-night visitors left for Vancouver this morning. Yesterday and the day before, we were driven all around the area to see the beauty spots, visit wineries, and sample the delights of the Hooded Merganser Restaurant. In the evening we were joined by our son Tim and daughter-in-law Jayne for evening dinner in our dining room at the Lodge. Afterwards we watched photos from Sam's time in Chile on the monitor. Now they are off to the four corners again, Sam to Whistler B.C., Deb and Brian to New Zealand, Tim and Jayne back to work in Kelowna. But, never mind, we have many fond memories to look back on, and of course photos to look at....


Desiree said...

Oh, my goodness! That time went so quickly! I hadn't realised it was to be such a short visit...but I can tell you made the most of every minute! Hope you aren't feeling too sad this morning? (evening here, of course!)

I'm sending a huge virtual hug to help you cheer up a bit ((( )))

Stay strong!

Des xoxo

Michael and Hanne said...

Thanks Des! We are not suffering just yet. It hasn't sunk in that they have all gone! But we will use the three virtual hugs later if they become needed!!

Barbara said...

It seems Penticton is a great place for family gatherings. Friends too. We will be coming tomorrow and stay with Ellen and Paris for one night.
That Sam is one handsome dude. You must be very proud.

H said...

Wonderful to be able to meet up with friends and family; hollow when they all disappear again. I hope you find plenty of good things to fill your day and keep your spirits lifted.